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At Villa Air, we want your travel to proceed as smoothly as possible. On this page, you can find information on the travel documents required for a problem-free journey.

Prior to your departure, please make sure that you check the entry and travel requirements for your destination by contacting the proper embassies or consulates. You must have all the required documents with you during travel:

  • Identity Card
  • Passport
  • Visa

Guests traveling domestically will be solely responsible for obtaining and checking their identification documents validity.

For domestic travel, the following documents are accepted as legal identification:

  • National identity card
  •  Temporary identity card document
  • Driver’s license
  • Passport and/or document used as a passport/legal document accepted as a passport by the issuing country
  • Birth certificate (For infants up to one month old, along with parents’ identification)

You may complete your check-in using any of these documents.

For domestic travel, please ensure that you have a valid passport and/or document used as a passport/legal document accepted as a passport by the issuing country.

You may complete your check-in using any of these documents.

How many checked baggage items can you bring? What is the size and weight limit for each baggage item?

Find out all you need to know to prepare your checked baggage.

Carry-on Baggage

In order to ensure a safe and comfortable trip, Villa Air limits the number, weight and size of the carry-on baggage allowed on its operated flights.

Your carry-on baggage allowance for the Economy Class is:

Maximum baggage allowances are 5 kilogram including 1 personal item* that can be stored in the overhead compartment.

*Personal items include handbags, laptop bags, briefcases, small backpacks, and shoulder bags. It must be able to fit under the seat in front of you or in the overhead compartment when seated at an exit row.

Special Carry-on Baggage Authorized in Cabin:

Mobility and Medical Devices:

If you’re traveling with any medical device, a wheelchair or other mobility device we’re here to help – we offer pre-boarding, deplaning and airport assistance.

Let us know the type of assistance you need at the airport and during your flight. You can tell us when you book or at least 24 hours before your travel. Please contact our Reservations team or you can ask your travel agent to make the arrangements.

Mobility and medical devices don’t count toward carry-on limits. If space is limited, the device doesn’t fit in the cabin or if it isn’t required during the flight, it may need to be checked. These include:

Canes, walkers, continuous positive airway pressure machines (CPAP) and other assistive devices that can be collapsed to fit into overhead and under-seat storage as well as items used for comfort such as seat cushions, arm or footrests.

For more on Accessible Travel/Mobility Assistance (hyperlink to Mobility Assistance link)

Check-in Baggage

Baggage that exceeds the size and specifications of carry-on baggage, will need to be checked-in. The maximum weight permissible for a single piece of baggage is 25 kilograms across economy class.

Check-in baggage allowance for travel (per guest except infants)

Economy class:
Standard: 25 kg

Planning to travel even heavier?

If you’d like to transport more baggage items than permitted with your fare, you can purchase a Baggage Option.

For Baggage Add-Ons, guests can acquire at the airport counter or simply contact one of our sales agents.

The rates are as follows:




All sectors

Maldivian Guest

10 MVR per kg

All Sectors

Foreign Guest

2 USD per kg

Sports Equipment

Sports equipment is only accepted as checked baggage and carried in aircraft holds. Special fees are applied for equipment that exceeds the maximum baggage allowance and will be considered as checked baggage.

Sports equipment which exceeds 15 kg must be split across two pieces of baggage, and each piece will be charged separately.

Please inform related personnel about the size of your sports equipment during reservations to ensure it is processed properly.

The items listed below may be considered as Dangerous/Hazardous Goods.

The following may be restricted from carriage in your Checked-in or Carry-on Baggage.

Please note that the import of firearms, liquor, drugs, dogs, pigs, pork products and pornography in to the Maldives is strictly prohibited. Alcohol may be imported only with an official license.

Import of pornographic literature, idols of worship, certain animal products, explosives and weapons and alcoholic beverages are not allowed into the Maldives. Drugs are strictly prohibited and the penalty of importing drugs for personal or other use is life imprisonment. Personal pets apart from dogs can be brought in with a special permission and all animals require a veterinary certificate.

Airport Check-in counters will be open 2 hours prior to scheduled departure time of all Villa Air flights departing from Velana International Airport and other regional airports.

For all domestic flights, guests have to report to the airport check-in counter and scan their boarding passes before 45 minutes of the scheduled departure time. Guests who fail to report on time will not be accommodated.

If you are a guest that needs wheelchairs or other special assistance, our guest service representatives will be there to escort your entry into the Airport to Check-in and to the boarding of your flight. Please contact our reservations office at least 24 hours before your flight, to help us provide you with the services you require, for a comfortable and safe journey.

Guests traveling with their own wheelchair

Guests with a disability may use their own manual or battery-powered wheelchair to the departure gate, and when airport facilities permit, to the aircraft door. However, we would recommend traveling with a safety assistant if you are unable to physically assist in your own evacuation from the aircraft in the event of an emergency.

Non-collapsible manual or battery-powered wheelchairs are accepted as check-in baggage. For guests with disabilities there is no charge for transporting wheelchairs.

Villa Air may be able to store one collapsible manual wheelchair in the cabin, depending on aircraft type and available space.

Walking canes, crutches and medical devices

Walking canes, frames, and crutches may be carried in the aircraft cabin, provided they are stowed in accordance with cabin safety requirements. If your walking frame is collapsible and cabin crew can stow it safely, it can also be carried in the aircraft cabin.

If space is limited, the device doesn’t fit in the cabin or if it isn’t required during the flight, it may need to be checked. These include:

Canes, walkers, continuous positive airway pressure machines (CPAP) and other assistive devices that can be collapsed to fit into overhead and under-seat storage.

Please contact our reservations office at least 24 hours before your flight or during ticket reservation, to help us provide you with the services you require, for a comfortable and safe journey.

At Villa Air, we aim to ensure that guests traveling while pregnant have a problem-free flight experience. While it is generally safe to fly while pregnant, we advise all pregnant guests to consult their treating doctor or midwife before planning a trip.

Read our guidelines for traveling while pregnant, to ensure a safer and comfortable journey.

Traveling while pregnant

Our policy on flying for expectant mothers depends on both the guest’s state of pregnancy and state of health.

We rely on information provided to us by the guest about their stage of pregnancy. For this reason, it is extremely important that our guests provide us correct information about this. Please refer to the rules stated below for flying with Villa Air for expectant mothers.

 Stages of pregnancy
1-27 weeks28-31 weeks32-35 weeks36 weeks and over
Expecting 1 babyAble to flyDoctor’s note required*Doctor’s note required*Unable to fly
Expecting more than 1 babyUnable to fly

* Doctor’s note must not be dated more than 7 days before the date of travel. The note must be on headed paper belonging to the doctor or a health center. It must contain the doctor’s name, surname, diploma number, and signature along with the date the note was written.

Please provide the original medical certificate to one of our representatives at check-in. The remaining copies are for reference during air travel. Guests can download medical certificate (Med Form) from the flowing link.

Medical Form

For guest’s safety, Villa Air reserves the right to deny boarding under the following circumstances:

  • If guests are not carrying a medical certificate/doctor’s note.
  • If guests medical certificate is outdated and does not contain the information required.
Our advice for traveling while pregnant
  • Please visit your doctor for a check-up prior your travel and take careful note of any advice you receive regarding long flights
  • Remember to select aisle seats during check-in.
  • Make sure you bring all health-related notes from your doctor with you.
  • Have health insurance / travel insurance to cover pregnancy-related problems for your travels

Transporting cats in the car, traveling with pets

Villa Air welcomes your pet on board our flights, whether as checked baggage or in cargo. We advise all guests to always check your departure, transit and arriving country’s local requirements and restrictions before your travel begins. Maximum one pet per guest is permitted on flight. Pregnant pets will not be accepted. Pet travel options: Pets as Checked Baggage Your pet can travel with you on the same flight as checked baggage as long as the combined weight of it and its container doesn’t exceed your checked baggage allowance of 25 kg. Any weight exceeding the 25 kg will be charged according to our excess baggage policy. Pets as Cargo For a travel in the hold, your pet needs to be in an IATA (International Air Transport Association) approved cage. Moreover, your pet must be able to turn around, lie down and stand up in the cage. The access to the plane can be refused if there is not enough space in the cage. Getting your pet ready for travel: Before you travel: Get in touch with the Villa Air guest service representatives at least two days before your departure. As space is limited, we cannot guarantee that a pet will be accepted at the last minute. Contact our reservations as soon as possible, well ahead of the travel date, to ensure there is space and that your pet may travel with you. An extra charge may apply for last minute pet carriage requests. We will need the following information on your pet: – Type / breed / species, Gender, Name, Age, Color, Weight of pet, Weight of container, Dimensions of container (length x breadth x height)

Some health conditions may require a guest to get medical assessment and clearance from the airline before flying with us. Villa Air reserves the right to refuse to carry guests with health conditions which may pose a risk to flight and safety of other guests onboard.

Airline medical clearance is required for:

– Infants in an incubator.
– Guests traveling on a stretcher.
– Guests travelling with their own medical equipment such as portable oxygen concentrator, infusion pumps and suction apparatus. Such Medical Portable Electronic Devices (M-PED) must be Maldives Civil Aviation Authority approved.
– Guests flying with or after an illness, infection or surgery in which the flight environment may aggravate their condition or their condition may be a health risk to others onboard.

Airline medical clearance procedure:

Simply complete the form below and send it to the Villa Air office at least 2 working days before the flight, so there will be sufficient time to process your medical clearance. Guests can also get the form from our office or appointed travel agents.

Medical Form

For last minute requests, our reservations team will do their best to ensure it is taken care of. However, please note that we request all guests to share the airline medical clearance form at the earliest, for a comfortable and safe journey.