Villa Air Fiya magazine

Exploring the tastes of Maldives through the FIYA Magazine

One of the first thoughts when booking a trip is often ‘What should I do when I board the flight?’. No matter how long your travel is—20 minutes, several hours—the brief time can feel tedious. 

When you’re visiting a country, it is a must to try some authentic cuisine to really round up your trip. We feature a few of the most popular meals in our magazine that you simply must try! Our magazine will walk you through a Maldives adventure that you can virtually taste while you are on your flight, whetting your hunger for the upcoming meal. This includes everything from snacks to main courses and desserts.

What if we told you that w have a solution to this problem? On your next trip by Villa Air, use your time to gain some perspective into the Maldives and our culture. In the new addition of the Villa Air inflight magazine FIYA, we do a deep dive into one of the most interesting aspects of the Maldives – Maldivian food.

This issue will also feature some inspirational stories from small business owners and successful individuals. Discover the story behind their success and get to know more about some of the local brands that you can explore during your stay. 

What could be better than 15,000 meters above the Maldives’ islands to learn some interesting facts about the local way of life? Take a seat and enjoy the greatest views the Maldives have to offer while reading FIYA magazine!

Special thanks to: Soneva Resorts & Residences, Crossroads Maldives, Villa Group, Kaani Hotels, Fiyavalhu Maldives, Reethi Beach Resort, Oevaali Art Shop and Maldives Ad Agency!


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