Kaadedhdhoo Airport Reinstated to Villa Air

Following some exciting new developments, Kaadedhdhoo Airport has been reinstated to Villa Air starting from March 1, 2022.

One of the first significant milestones achieved following this rejuvenation process was the certification of Kaadedhdhoo Airport as a domestic airport by the Maldives Civil Aviation. And while this development will see a great improvement in domestic travel within the Maldives, the airport’s ambitions do not stop there. Plans are already in motion to elevate Kaadedhdhoo Airport to international status. This ambitious transformation includes the development of a cutting-edge 4D runway and various other facilities essential for international air travel.

In order to further facilitate these developments, Villa Air is also working towards additional developments, for which the survey as well as finalized sketches have been completed. In order to expedite these developments in the Kaadedhdhoo Airport, Villa Air has signed an MOU with an experienced company and is committed to completing the project of turning the airport international ahead of schedule. 

This collaboration underscores the dedication to advancing the Kaadedhoo Airport’s transformation into an international hub ahead of the planned schedule. This transformation is sure to enhance connectivity to the Maldives, making this tropical paradise even more accessible to travellers from around the world.


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