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Fly Domestic on our ATR

Sustainability is key for the future of aviation. Our ATR 42 and 72 aircraft models are the most-convenient and comfortable aircraft to travel on a domestic route. To curate the best travel experience for our guests, The ATR’s Environmental Management System is ISO 14001 certified and ATR aircraft are versatile, flexible and can serve airports with limited ground infrastructure, making them the right tool for operating in regional routes.

ATR 42-500 (8Q-VAX) 48 seats
ATR 72-500 (8Q-VAW, 8Q-VAV) 68 seats
ATR 72-600 (8Q-VAY) 72 seats

Fun facts about our aircraft:
  1. Unbeatable Fuel Efficiency:
    All ATR’s under Villa Air use the turboprop which are highly efficient at moderate speed and require less power, meaning less fuel, to propel the aircraft than a turbojet.
  2. Spacious cabin with high seat backrests
    Optimized for guest comfort, our ATR cabins’ have large seats with 18-inch intra-armrest width.
  3. Safe breathing:

    Constant injection of fresh air from outside to cabin.

Villa Air operates lounges in all airports we fly. Designed for the comfort and convenience of guests, our lounges can be the best way to cut down a long flight connecting time or to relax yourself.

Q Lounge

Start your Maldivian holiday in style by booking a lounge pass at the Q Lounge in VAM and enjoy the experience of VIP travel.

The luxurious Q lounge at Villa International Airport Maamigilli (VAM) offers an idyllic space for travelers ensuring travelers with a warm and pleasant airport experience. Sit back and relax at Q Lounge as you await your flight call. Facing the airport apron and the sea where whale sharks are often spotted, the lounge is equipped with a smoking room, mother’s room as well as a playroom for kids. Alongside amenities such as Wi-Fi, refreshments and scrumptious light snacks prepared at Villa Hotel kitchens are also served throughout the day.

White Diamond

Located in Dharavandhoo, white diamond offers the ultimate relaxing environment for guests. With varieties of snacks and drinks to enjoy, it will be a good way to light up your day whether it be before you start your holiday or at the end of your Maldives experience.

Velaa Economy Class

Experience the best of traveling, with our Velaa Economy Class offering the most spacious cabin of any turboprops. Designed for guests comfort in flight; the cabin offers large seats with 18-inch intra-armrest width optimized with high-efficiency air filtration technology.

Sit back and relax—enjoy the mesmerizing views throughout the flight; thanks to high wings and low cruising altitude!

Fiya Magazine

Villa Air inflight magazine: Fiya is a quarterly publication featuring the best of Maldives from the latest updates and offers about hotels and resorts and stories about Maldives never heard before.


No flight is complete without the ultimate dining experience. We take pride to ensure our guests have a relaxing and enjoyable flight experience. Complimentary light snacks, candies and drinks are served for short-haul flights.

However, guests can expect a full in-flight meal for flights that exceed an hour or more.


So, sit back and relax; satisfy those craving in-flight as you travel to your destination.

As we love to interact and connect with our guests, we are thrilled to request guest to share your travel experiences with photos and videos on social media platforms and tag us! Plus benefit is that we will also share this on our platforms and give you a shout out! We welcome our guests to reach us from most popular social media channels, should they have any inquiries or complaints regarding guest relations and experience. Contact us from one of the platforms below.


Travelling in the Maldives can be tricky with hundreds of islands been scattered across miles. Guests visiting and traveling around the Maldives always find it challenging to move from place to place. We believe that our flights are not just enough to complete the guest transfer process. With an aim to provide the complete transfer solution, Villa Air in association with our sister company Villa Marine Transport (VMT) provides speedboat transfers to our guests from regional airports to their respected hotels. Guests can either decide to share the speedboat with other guests or charter a speedboat at your convenience.

To book our speedboat service, please contact our reservation team.

 Reach us through our Call Center – +960-3013000

Write to us through Email –

Guests can also reach us on ANY social media network through our Omni communication channels platform or our WhatsApp number +960-7753000.

Villa Marine Transport

With over 20 years of experience, VMT knows every single way to sail in the Maldivian sea to transfer our guests in the safest manner. Whether the sunshine’s or in rough weather, VMT is among the most reliable sailors in the Maldives.

Speedboat Fleet  

Built on carbon fiber by one of the most trusted names (Gulf Craft) in the boat manufacturing industry, our speedboats are operated by well-trained crews with strict safety protocols in place. Seating and interior of these sea cruisers are designed with safety, comfort and convenience in mind. Our speedboats can comfortably accommodate 16 to 28 guests at a time.