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Our Story

Villa Air Pvt Ltd is part of the Villa Group of Companies and is registered in the Republic of Maldives under the Act No. 10/96 at the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade with the license number C-47/97. With its inception in 2011, Villa Air provides air transport services to domestic and international airports serving both the local community as well as international guests.

As a privately owned airline, we intend to provide safe, exceptional and reliable services to guests traveling with us. Utmost importance is given to create a hassle-free travel experience for our guests through innovative and efficient operations: from reservations and ground services to inflight facilities and post flight experiences.

Mission & Vision


Our objective is to provide a convenient, affordable and seamless flying experience of the highest operational standards, enhanced by warm and friendly guest services. As the preferred airline in Maldives, we are committed to serve the local community and support the tourism industry in a sustainable manner.


Position Villa Air as a leading air transport provider for Maldives and support the economy of the country through developments of the aviation sector.

Sustainability practices

Since its inception, Villa Air has been committed to actively working towards making its operations more environmentally friendly and greener.

Maldives being a voluntary member of ICAO’s Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation (CORSIA), a global offsetting scheme, whereby airlines and other aircraft operators offset any growth in CO2 emissions above 2020 levels. It is anticipated that CORSIA will mitigate around 2.5 billion tonnes of CO2 between 2021 and 2035, which is an annual average of 164 million tonnes of CO2. Along with Maldives Civil Aviation Authority, we are committed to making our operations more environmentally sustainable and exploring ways we can assist to reduce the carbon footprint.

Villa Air will be launching our own carbon offset scheme known as “FlyGreen” in 2023. Stay tuned and get excited to contribute for the mitigation of the carbon footprints we leave from our own operational activities together. Greener days ahead. Cheers!