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Exceptional Flight and Cabin Crew Training

The Approved Training Organisation of Villa Air (VA-ATO) was officially established on 1st January 2015, with a primary focus on supplying comprehensive training and conducting checks required by the Maldives Civil Aviation Authority on ATR airplane for aircrew. Villa Air ATO is dedicated to achieving the highest standards in flight and cabin crew training. We take pride in offering comprehensive training programs, ensuring that both flight and cabin crew members are equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to operate the ATR aircraft safely and efficiently.


At our esteemed Training Centre, we are proud to hold certification from the Maldives Civil Aviation Authority (MCAA). This certificate serves as a testament to our commitment to excellence in the aviation industry.

Training Programs

Through our formal and rigorous training programmes, we strive to provide aircrew with the essential skills, knowledge, and expertise required to navigate the skies with utmost competence and professionalism. We ensure trainings courses are always conducted in accordance with the latest Operator Suitability Data (OSD) from ATR airplane manufacture.

Instructors & Examiners

Our in-house Type Rating Instructors (TRI) and Type Rating Examiners (TRE) are well experienced on ATR airplane, and they are approved by the Maldives Civil Aviation Authority.

Ferry Flights

We take immense pride in our exceptional expertise and longstanding experience when it comes to ferrying ATR airplanes worldwide. With a passion for aviation and an unwavering dedication to delivering excellence, our skilled team has successfully undertaken countless journeys spanning the globe, ensuring the smooth and efficient transportation of these remarkable aircraft.

When it comes to ferrying ATR airplanes, we understand the significance of every flight and the importance of time-sensitive operations. From start to finish, we handle every aspect of the process meticulously, ensuring all necessary details are taken care of, so you can have complete peace of mind. With a track record of safe and successful ferrying missions, we have built a reputation as a dependable and trusted partner in the aviation industry.

Our pilots not only ensure the safe delivery of ATR airplanes but also strive to provide an experience that exceeds expectations.

Additionally, we understand that ferrying an ATR airplane is not merely about logistics, but also about fostering strong relationships with our clients. Our friendly and dedicated support staff is always available to address any concerns or queries you may have, providing personalized assistance throughout the entire process. We are here to listen and understand your unique requirements, tailoring our services to suit your specific needs.

So, whether you need an ATR airplane transported across continents or within a neighbouring region, trust Villa Air to be your reliable partner. With our vast experience, unwavering commitment, and encouraging spirit, we are ready to embark on each journey with enthusiasm and bring your aircraft to its destination seamlessly. Experience the assurance of a successful ferrying mission and join our long list of satisfied clients who have placed their trust in our expertise.

Let us showcase our proven capabilities and transport your ATR airplane with utmost care, precision, and unparalleled dedication. Contact Villa Air today and allow us to pave the way for your aircraft’s smooth and efficient journey worldwide.


ATR 42/72-500 and ATR 42/72-600 type rating courses

We are proud to offer the ATR 42/72-500 and ATR 42/72-600 type rating courses, which are designed to enable flight crew members to operate the ATR aircraft for commercial purposes. Our type rating program is fully compliant with the latest ATR Operational Suitability Data (OSD) and has received approval from the Maldivian Civil Aviation Authority.

ATR 42/72 difference training

We provide ATR 42/72 difference training, which allows flight crew members to operate both the ATR 42/72-500 and ATR 42/72-600 models. This training program ensures that all pilots are well-versed in the differences between these aircraft, while remaining compliant with the ATR OSD. The course is approved by the Maldivian Civil Aviation Authority.

ATR 42/72 Revalidation and Renewal Course

For individuals seeking to revalidate or renew their ATR 42/72 type rating, we offer comprehensive courses to regain the validity of their certification. These programs are designed to update pilots on any changes or new requirements, fully adhering to the latest ATR OSD and approved by the Maldivian Civil Aviation Authority.

Cabin Crew Licence with ATR Type Rating

In addition to our flight crew courses, we also provide a cabin crew licensing program that includes the ATR 42/72-500 and ATR 42/72-600 type rating. This course allows cabin crew members to legally operate the ATR aircraft commercially. As with our other programs, our ATR type rating course for cabin crew members has been fully reviewed and approved by the Maldivian Civil Aviation Authority, ensuring compliance with the latest ATR OSD.

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